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LJ users with Multiple Sclerosis

MS Support

Multiple Sclerosis Support
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Support community for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.
Contact me on AIM @ mssupportmod

This is a community for people who are affected by the disease Multiple Sclerosis; people with the disease, caregivers, medical professionals, and loved ones with the disease.

All I ask for is respect at all times. Please realize that there are people who are in different stages of the disease and different stages of coming to terms with the disease.
When times are bad we are a shoulders to cry on and when times are good we are friends to laugh with.

Anyone who is disrespectful will be removed without hesitation. I do not tolerate cruelty. This community is about understanding.

1. Keep all fights in e-mail or IM. This is a NO DRAMA board! We have enough in real life we don't need it here too. :P
2. Enjoy yourself and the people around you.
3. Share what you are feeling!!!! Don't put on a brave face if you feel miserable, and if you are feeling good let us know!!
4. If your entry can be considered extremely emotionally taxing (would scare others or hurt their feelings) or full of profanity please put it behind a LJ-cut.
5. Do NOT spam community promotions here. It is against LJ ToS. If you think it pertains to MS then ASK my permission. It will be deleted and you will be banned. This is NOT community_promo!!
6. No flouncing!!!

Now with that said, please sit back, relax, and enjoy our board!

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